How to reinstall your VPS?

You can re-install your server by logging into our VPS control panel.

You can find the server details once you have successfully logged into the VPS control panel. Then, you can find a Manage button located at the right-hand side of your server listing.

Click on the Manage button. A list of operating systems will show now and select the desired OS from it.

After selecting the operating system, click on the Reinstall button located at the bottom of the website. This will take your server offline to rebuild the server with a selected operating system.

Note: Please backup all of your data before reinstalling the server. All the data on the server will be lost during the reinstall process.

VPS Control Panel

If you do not know the login details of your VPS control panel, you can raise a request with our Technical Support Team who can resend the product Welcome email which includes all the necessary details.
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